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Our Story

Justamere Trading Post began over 35 years ago in the living room of Allen and JoAnn. JoAnn was a frustrated real-estate agent and Allen was in a wheelchair after an accident. They wanted to start a business that would provide them with the freedom of travel and the ability to show the talents Grandfather had given them. So JoAnn with her knowledge of herbs and Allen with his charismatic personality started Justamere Trading Post.

As life goes on often there are changes. JoAnn  chose to move back to the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland where she grew up, has been an herbalist for over fifty years, and she is of Seneca decent.

Disclaimer: The information found on the herb packages are not intended to prescribe herbs for specific health problems, but to educate the general public concerning the historical, tried and proven uses of herbs and provide a reference tool for those who want to use herbs to feed specific body systems.